• Dr. Hanid Audish
    Dr. Hanid Audish Clinical Researcher at Encompass Research

    Experienced Clinical Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Skilled in Clinical Research as a Principal Investigator and in Family Medicine.  Strong research professional with a Medical Degree from Western University of Health Sciences.

Since 2007, Dr. Hanid Audish has served as the Director and Principal Investigator at Encompass Clinical Research in Spring Valley, California. Dr. Hanid Audish is dedicated to helping patients better manage chronic medical conditions by developing effective alternative treatment options. Dr. Hanid Audish aims to help his patients learn how to better manage their own health through the provision of education in healthy lifestyle practices. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine (AOBFP), and holds a Medical Degree from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. He acts as Encompass Clinical Research’s Physician Owner and a Clinical Research Physician. Encompass Clinical Research works to conduct research trials on conditions such as diabetes, weight loss, osteoarthritis, pain management and much more.

After graduating from Medical school, Dr. Hanid Audish completed a three-year residency at Downey Regional Medical Center in Downey, California. He then became a board certified family medicine physician and worked in a small family practice for over ten years.

Dr. Hanid Audish developed a knack for clinical research and enjoys working on clinical research trials. He turned this affinity into a full-time career, which transitioned to a full-time position in clinical research.

Dr. Hanid Audish is currently involved in the testing of new medications for diabetics who have difficulty controlling their blood sugars with their current treatment. An example of one of the clinical trials involves a medication that is injected weekly to better assist patients control blood sugars. Dr. Hanid Audish’s research primarily involves his area of expertise, family medicine.

Dr. Audish enjoys seeing patients thriving as a result of new developments in the field of family medicine. He works tirelessly to ensure the safety of all patients who participate in clinical trials, and his work brings him a great deal of personal satisfaction.

An advocate of proper work-life balance, Dr. Audish enjoys spending time with his family. Throughout his esteemed career, he has learned the importance of family and finding the proper balance between his work as a physician and his roles as a husband and father. He counsels younger medical students to avoid the temptation of taking positions that offer higher pay at the risk of professional ‘burn out’. Dr. Audish completed his medical degree to best help patients, and he feels he is well-positioned to do so in his current role as Director and Principal Investigator with Encompass Clinical Research.

Dr. Audish and his wife have four school-aged children: three sons and one daughter. He volunteers his time with his children’s school as a sports coach, while also volunteering his time to his local church. Gaining experience from previous hospital volunteering, Dr. Audish developed dreams of joining Doctors Without Borders which would enable him to bring his skills to those who need them most in impoverished countries. Dr. Audish enjoys coaching and fundraising in his free time.