Dr. Hanid Audish Explains the Importance of Clinical Trial Participation

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Clinical trials and research studies play a vital role in the advancement of medical technologies and disease management. Clinical trials are used as a way for researchers and other professionals in the medical sciences world to explore innovative ways to prevent, uncover, treat and manage illness and disease. The treatments used may include exploratory medicines, new drugs, drug combinations, new types of surgery, of new ways of using existing devices and/or treatments.

Dr. Hanid Audish is an experienced medical professional that has worked with the clinical research organization at a clinic for the past three years. The research studies serve many different conditions, with Dr. Hanid Audish’s specialty primarily focussing on family medicine.

What is the Purpose of a Clinical Trial?

For the most part, the objective of a clinical trial is to determine whether or not an emerging test or treatment is safe and effective. Clinical trials might also explore new elements of medical care, such as those aimed at improving the quality of living for individuals living with a chronic illness or life-altering disease.

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